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Frequently Asked Questions

Before hiring a home inspector, you should start by asking the right questions:

Why do I need a Professional Home Inspection?

Many homes, even new ones, have defects that you might not notice. For purchasers, a trustworthy home inspection is vital in order to avoid any unwanted surprises down the line. No one wants to buy a new home only to discover later that the roof needs replacing or that there are serious issues with the wiring! MSM Home Inspections will provide you with a detailed, objective inspection of your home. By knowing exactly what you’re getting and what is inspected before you make a home purchase, you will not only save yourself the stress of wondering if a good financial decision was made, but you will also save yourself the financial losses which could result from buying a home plagued with unforeseen problems.

What should I look for in a home inspector?

Look for an independent licensed home inspector. Ask him if you can accompany him while he performs the home inspection. Make sure you understand what the home inspection will cover.

What are your qualifications and experience in the home inspection profession?

I have worked in the home repair industry, have done all manners of home repairs (plumbing, electrical, etc.) and I am a dedicated, full-time professional, Licensed Home Inspector. I am an Associate Member of the American Society of Home Inspectors.

How long does it take for you to do a home inspection?

I usually spend a minimum of 3-4 hours to perform an inspection, and several more hours in preparing your custom home inspection report (I do NOT use a generic checklist.)

Do I need to be present during the home inspection?

It is not absolutely necessary, but I do encourage you to be present at least at the end for a personal question-and-answer session about your home inspection results. Be leery of any low-bid inspector who is not willing to personally go through your inspection results with you. This is your investment and I will treat it with the care and respect it deserves.

What can I expect to receive as my inspection report?

Your home inspection report from MSM Home Inspections will NOT be a simple computer-generated checklist - you can expect there will be approximately 20 or more pages, full of color photographs and clear, easy to understand comments about areas of concern. It will be emailed same day or next day.

What if I have questions?

My services do not end with the home inspection report: You are welcome, and in fact strongly encouraged, to contact me at any time in the future with any questions you may have.