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  • Mark S. Manzo

Meet Our Inspectors

Mark S. Manzo
MSM Home Inspections, LLC
State of Illinois License No. 450.011511

I have the most current training in our industry with one of the most highly regarded and respected organizations, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), and am a current member. I have over 30 years of home handyman and remodeling related experience.

I have received years of first hand technical experience of construction techniques and practices that are so important to being a great Home Inspector.

In addition, I have had experience in service management, which has taught me to be an effective communicator, with the goal to provide an excellent customer service experience for each of my clients.

Having a passion for the Home Inspection process coupled with the ability to communicate this information with the first time buyer or the seasoned real estate investor is what separates me from the vast majority of Home Inspectors.